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May 30, 1975

TO: Magnetospheres/Interactions Working Group

FROM: S. M. Krimigis

SUBJECT: MJS-77 Science Capability Review on July 29-30, 1975

During the week of May 19, I had the opportunity to get together with Ed Stone and some members of the group at the Jupiter conference in Tucson. Two items were discussed.

(a) The July 16-17 date was inconvenient for a large number of working groups, so that a new date was proposed and adopted, i.e., July 29-30, 1975.

(b) The content of the presentations by the various working groups in general and our own Working Group in particular.

With regard to (b), it was thought that a presentation which highlighted those problems in the environment of Jupiter which have not been resolved by the Pioneer data would be most appropriate. In line with this philosophy, and following the presentations during the Jupiter conference, we came up with the following set of talks.

  1. Introduction (most probably a brief description of the particles and fields instrumentation on MJS). - Krimigis
  2. What mechanism controls particle flux levels in the inner Jovian magnetosphere (L less than approximately 12)? (diffusion and identification of wave particle interaction modes) - Scarf
  3. Which part of the Jovian magnetosphere is dominated by corotation? What are the convective processes in the distant Jovian magnetosphere? (to include plasma, energetic particle, magnetic field, and wave measurements) - Vasyliunas
  4. What kinds of satellite interactions are there within the Jovian magnetosphere (emphasis on observed properties and how MJS instrumentation will give more definitive answers). - Siscoe
  5. What are the source(s) of the Jovian radio emission? - Warwick/Gulkis
  6. Prospects for Saturn - Lanzerotti

The talks should be ~25 minutes long (except for the first one, which should be ~10 minutes).

Please, let me know of your comments by the time of the AGU. I also urge that information and results relevant to any of the above subjects be sent to the appropriate person.

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