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Study of Voyager 2 LECP Responses in Partial Exposure ("Chicken") Mode
Thomas P. Armstrong and Dong Feng Lu


PL01 Inbound    pl01outbound.gif (6137 bytes) PL01 Outbound
PL02 Inbound    PL02 Outbound,
part 1   
PL02 Outbound,
part 2
PL03 Inbound    PL03 Outbound,
part 1   
PL03 Outbound,
part 2
PL04 Inbound    PL04 Outbound
PL05 Inbound    PL05 Outbound
PL06 Inbound    PL06 Outbound
PL07 Inbound    PL07 Outbound
PL08 Inbound    PL08 Outbound
0001 Inbound    0001 Outbound
0003 Inbound    0003outbound.gif (20477 bytes) 0003 Outbound
0032 Inbound    0032 Outbound
0033 Inbound    0033 Outbound
0035 Inbound    0035 Outbound
0038 Inbound    0038 Outbound
0039 Inbound    0039 Outbound

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