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To: Steve Gary

From: Tom Armstrong

Subject: Time Constants for V1 LECP


I need the final, authoritative version of the following Voyager parameters:

t, "dead time", discriminator/output circuit recovery time, or max rate on random pulses.

T, "resolving time", how close must two incident events occur in order to fire a discriminator as a piled-up pulse.

Nominal values are ok. Give your best estimates of uncertainties.

  t T
A (A B coin.) 70 ms
B   70 ms
d   20 ms
d   20 ms
a 2.4 ms 1.5 ms
b 2.4 ms 1.5 ms
b 2.4 ms 1.5 ms



LECP Random Pulser Test SN02
February 5, 1979
Author: S. Gary

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