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Memo to Voyager Science Team Members from Jude Montalbano, Science coordinator, JPL, 12/11/79

Enclosed are the following attachments:

  1. Time-Ordered-Listings - A551, A552 (Near Encounter)
  2. Timelines - A551, A552 (Near Encounter)
  3. Cover letter - JST NE Product C; summary of science links
  4. Schedule for remaining Product C's to be developed. Phase-real/time dates

The T-O-Ls and timelines represent the Product C submitted for Near Encounter. It should be noted that we went in +71 and +86 over on CCS (computer word costs). Therefore, some links may be modified and, possibly, eliminated during the next stage of development.

The cover letter will provide you with necessary information regarding links, comments, concerns, and liens on JST-NE Product C.

Regarding the schedule for remaining Product C's: I suggest that you contact your respective AER prior to the asterisked date in order to input any requests, comments, etc.

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