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Memo to Voyager Science Team Members from Jude Montalbano, Science coordinator, JPL, 10/16/79

Near Encounter is upon us! Hard to believe? Perhaps, but true nonetheless with respect to Saturn Science sequencing.

15 October marked the beginning of Product C development for Near Encounter with the distribution of the Time-Ordered-Listing for the two Near Encounter loads.  (For those of you who may have forgotten what "Product C" is - the package contains the final science requests to be included in the onboard sequences. Although constrained by computer words (CCS), computer costs and man-hour costs, science observations are more easily implemented at the Product C level rather than during the update process.)

Please review carefully the enclosed listings.  Any and all changes to these timings and/or durations are due no later than Tuesday, 30 October 1979.  Please work through your respective Assistant Experiment Representative prior to that date to assure that your comments are incorporated into the Final Time-Ordered-Listing.

Due to the nature of Near Encounter - a phase of individualistic observations (versus cyclics), changes received after 30 October may not be incorporated because of the impact to other observations.

I would encourage a high level of cooperation with the Near Encounter development process in order to insure a most efficient and truly balanced science package.

Should you wish to discuss this in person and are planning to attend the DPS, both Ellis and I will be in attendance the entire week.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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