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Table G-1
Nominal S/C Clock and Cone Angles of the Fixed Instrument Boresights


S/C Clock and Cone Angles *

Clock (deg) Cone (deg)
CRS LET A 305 115
CRS LET B 236 53
CRS LET C 125 65
CRS LET D 10 48
CRS TET 305 115
CRS HET 1 338 60
CRS HET 21 104 78
CRS HET 22 104 140
LECP Axis of Rotation 200 90
PLS Axis of Symmetry --- 0
PLS Lateral Detector 262 90
HGA --- 0

*S/C clock and cone angles are not to be confused with celestial clock and cone angles. The S/C clock/cone system uses the HGA boresight and the Canopus Tracker optic axis as references while the celestial clock/cone system uses the Sun and Canopus.

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