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Attachment B
Fixed Instrument SEDR Header Record Format

Word Description Units Type
1 Project Identification 'VGR' C
2 File Identification 'SEDR' C
3 S/C Identification:  0=Flt 2, 1=FLT 1, 2=PTM,
4=Sim 1, 5=Sim 2, Others = Unused
dim I
4-5 SEDR Tape Identification See
6 SEDR File Generation Date MMDDYY I
7 SEDR File Generation Time HHMMSS I
8-9 Pointing Vector (FIP) Tape Identification JPL Facility
10 FIP File Generation Data MMDDYY I
11 FIP File Generation Time HHMMSS I
12-13 Navigation (DPTRAJ Save Tape) Tape Identification JPL Facility
14-15 Navigation Data Block Identification, i.e.
Launch, Cruise, Jupiter, or Saturn
16-19 Same as 12-15 for Second DPTRAJ Save Tape   C
20-23 Same as 12-15 for Third DPTRAJ Save Tape   C
24-27 Same as 12-15 for Fourth DPTRAJ Save Tape   C
28-45 Spares    

SEDR Tape Identification

Each SEDR tape is labeled with an eight character alphanumeric identifier which indicates the SEDR type, the experiment/instrument identification, the spacecraft identification and the mission phase. The identifier has the following general form: A B B I J J K K

A indicates the SEDR type. A = S indicates a fixed instrument SEDR and A = F indicates a scan platform or footprint SEDR.
BB indicates the experiment/instrument identification according to the following list:
BB Experiment/Instrument
CR Cosmic Ray
IR Infrared Interferometer Spectrometer
LE Low Energy Charged Particles
MA Magnetometer
PL Plasma
PP Photopolarimeter
PR Planetary Radio Astronomy
PW Plasma Wave
RS Radio Science
UV Ultra Violet Spectrometer
I indicates the spacecraft identification. I = 0 is for the FLT-2 spacecraft and I = 1 is for the FLT-1 spacecraft.
JJ indicates the mission phase according to the following list:
JJ Mission Phase
00-09 Unused
10-19 Launch
20-29 Earth to Jupiter Cruise
30-39 Jupiter Encounter
40-49 Jupiter to Saturn Cruise
50-59 Saturn Encounter
60-69 Post Saturn or Saturn to Uranus Cruise
70-79 Uranus Encounter
80-89 Post Uranus or Uranus to Neptune Cruise
90-99 Neptune Encounter
KK indicates the SEDR serial number within each mission phase.

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