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Hot Plasma Parameters of Jupiter's Inner Magnetosphere, B. H. Mauk, S. A. Gary, M. Kane, E. P. Keath, S. M. Krimigis, and T. P. Armstrong, Journal of Geophysical Research, 101, 7685, 1996. Copyright 1996 by the American Geophysical Union. Further electronic distribution is not allowed.

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Page 1 (Abstract; Introduction)- below, please scroll down.
Page 2 (Introduction, cont.; Data Unfolding Algorithm; Algorithm Test Results)
Page 3 (Algorithm Test Results, cont.; Figures 1 and 2)
Page 4 (Algorithm Test Results, cont.)
Page 5 (Hot Plasma Moments; Figure 3)
Page 6 (Hot Plasma Moments, cont.; Figure 4; Analysis and Discussion)
Page 7 (Analysis and Discussion, cont.; Figure 5)
Page 8 (Analysis and Discussion, cont.)
Page 9 (Analysis and Discussion, cont.; Figure 6)
Page 10 (Summary; References)
Page 11 (References, cont.)

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