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Description of LECP Data Quality Words

0-7 NBI Number of Basic Intervals-contains the number of basic accumulation intervals over which the corresponding rate is accumulated. The accumulation time in milliseconds is given by NBI*BAI. (See Tape Header Variables, formerly Table B2.)
8-10 MPB Motor Position-contains the motor position at the end of the accumulation interval. MPB ranges from 0 to 7, corresponding to the LECP sectors 1 thru 8 respectively. If MP or NMS (see Tape Header Variables, formerly Table B2) are less than zero then MPB is invalid.
11 MCF Motor Centered Flag-is set if the status word indicates that the motor was centered within the sector. It is zero otherwise.
12 MMF Motor Movement Flag-is set if a motor step occurred during the accumulation interval. It is zero otherwise.
13 DL Discriminator Level-is set if the LECP Beta detector is set to its high threshold state. It is reset otherwise.
14-15 SS Switch State-defines which of the b or b' and d or d' rates are accumulated.

00=not known; 01=b' - d detectors on; 10=b - d ' detectors on; 11=mixed

Bit 0 is the Least Significant Bit. If all bits=0 then datum is missing.

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